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boroughs. com. >> welcome to bay sunday. today we honor dr. martin luther king jr.. >>> an author of a book that might help you. and al roker has a new book out on his life. >>> if you would like to connect with us, we would like to connect to you. >>> a salute to dr. martin luther king jr.. there are big planning here in the bay area. a festival, a concert.
that there will be a vote on tuesday, the 5th which is martin luther king's birthday. we hope our congress will take that day to show leadership and compassion. we understand it will be broken into two votes, the house republican leadership is putting up about a $17 billion version. and then we have the original $60 billion total passed by the senate which will also be considered. >> 50 billion, the remainder there. how have you been able to pay for the bills in between. you have not stopped recovery efforts. >> we are already $10 million deep into funding for recovery and rebuilding efforts. we are using the credit cards. that is exactly what many shore communities are doing. we can't wait for lack of leadership in washington. the summer season is our bread and butter and we really have to get things going now in order to be prepared for the coming season. >> when do you hit your credit line? how much longer can you survive? >> well, we are going to continue to move forward and we will survive and get this done. >> a month? two months? >> i think we are in better shape than that with $10 million th
. it happens to be the day the nation observes dr. martin luther king junior day. it will resinate with special added meaning and significance as president owe bhaum is swo-- is sworn in. >>> out of egypt the cairo court is ordering a retrial of former egyptian president mubarek. he is convicted of the up rising and sentenced to life in prison. we have more on that. >>> there were celebrations aof joy today as the judge issued that order for a new trial as mubarek supporters shouted out long live justice. former egyptian president mubarek and top five domestic spy chiefs were convicted last june of failing to prevent the killings of hundreds of protestors who were taking part in the protests. the conviction was overturned as defense attorneys argued mubarak didn't know about the killings. no date has been set for a retrial several others will be on part of that trial who were awe quitted in the previous trials. going forward mubarak will be pending a review. he's facing other corruption charges. it is likely he will stay in jail for the significant and foreseeable future. mubarak was reportedly
a bible of reverend martin luther king, jr. 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of king's march on washington and the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation. >>> washington's national cathedral announced this week that it will begin performing same-sex marriages, effective immediately. the cathedral's dean gary hall admitted that gay marriage is a point of disagreement, but called the decision an effort to fully include gays and lesbians in the life of the church. last year, the episcopal church approved a blessing for same-sex marriages. it remains up to individual bishops to decide how, and if, the blessing is used in their dioceses. >>> we have a lucky severson story today on the enormous prison population in louisiana, 40,0 opleehind bars, and that state's unusual attempts to pay the costs -- private for-profit jails and even rodeos. but there's no change in one of the major causes of the problem, mandatory sentences of life without parole. >> in the united states there are more than 2 million citizens locked up behind razor wire and prison bars. >> we lock up our citizens at
's a federal holiday, martin luther king day. it's the second time inauguration fell on that holiday. the last time was 1997 for president clinton's inauguration. he will use martin luther king's traveling bible as well as the bible that belonged to president lincoln on loan from the library. coverage starts monday morning. we'll lead up to the swearing in of president obama for his second term through the official inaugural balls monday night. >>> it is a golden globes first, too. the funniest women in comedy hosting together. tina fey and amy poehler are in control tonight, sort of. we take you live to the red carpet, next. me. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app. officeyour business needs...k... at prices that keep you...out of the red. this week get
. it will be a little bit sunnier than we have seen today, martin. >> the swearing-in takes place on martin luther king junior day. is anything special planned for that? >> reporter: the official swearing-in at the white house next sunday, january 20th, the constitutionally mandated day for the swearing in. the big public ceremony taking place on monday. only the second time the inauguration day has fallen on that federal holiday, the last time 1997, the second inauguration of president bill clinton. special things the president is going to do on monday, he is going to be using one of martin luther king jr.'s traveling bibles to take the oath of office on, also use a bible that belonged to president lincoln on loan from the library of congress. you know who be giving the invocation? merely evers-williams, the widow of slain civil rights leader medgar evers. >> athena jones joining us live from washington. >> thanks. >>> nearly 30 years since a woman from new york has won miss america. >> your new miss america is -- miss new york! >> there she is, 23-year-old mallory hagen accepting the crown at the mis
been available to everyone in america at the time. let's listen to this mularkey. >> i think martin luther king would agree with me, if he were alive today, that if african-americans had been given the right to keep and bear arms from day one of the country's founding, perhaps slavery might not have been a chapter in our history. >> what a dumb, dumb nut. joy, you've got to respond. this is not a nut but a dumb nut. slaves didn't come to america as citizens, came in shackles, in the bottom of a ship somewhere if they were lucky to be alive when they got here. the idea they would be armed by anyone. he's obviously patternizing here, trying to act like he cares about the fate of black people and some sort of number he was playing here. who would believe this new larky. >> why is it that every time the far right makes an argument that's insane, they jump on the civil rights movement and slavery and try to latch their argument on to the history of african-americans. >> as if they give a damn or be up in front. >> you don't remember ted nugent standing in front of everyone in the civil r
could. he's a follower of gandhi and martin luther king. he is just perfect. he is even black but no one cares. no one knows who oscar processes and they stand on opposite sides of the great divide shake a bar and ask her present. he is someone who ought to win the nobel priest price. he could give it to the ladies in white. their wives, sisters and daughters of political prisoners caught up in the so-called black spring. and wonderful group. they were beaten severely for what they did. they hold candlelight vigils and the like and the state just can't stand it. it makes things very difficult for them. marco valladares who is still known by some of us is the cuban solzhenitsyn. he said the cuban dictatorship were right-wing instead of left-wing we would have won to nobel prizes already. a quick point about cuba. i was saying the other day in the office to the objection of some of my colleagues, that the left if i may so often sets the agenda. they determine what we talked about. even if people like us disagree they determine what we talked about. elliott abrams knows plenty about him, he
detail. what we find up until the 1970s is a clear endorsement by martin luther king and everyone in the movement. >> as you put on, this is a path that goes way back, right? we might be able to say, look, we would be a better and safer country if there's no second amendment. we might be able to say it's not part of our tradition, but it's not where we are. we are in a place where wherever gun control legislation we are going to implement and institute is in this context. talk about civically responsible gun control legislation at the time we talk about the second amendment. >> here is the crazy thing. this is not a partisan political debate in the discourse of america. 92% of americans support things like background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, felons, abusers, dangerously mentally ill. that has nothing to do with the second amendment right. 74% of nra members support criminal background checks. the only place where this is a heated partisan debate is in the halls of congress and sometimes, in the media when they pit two extreme sides against each other. it'
too little compassion for one another. to paraphrase martin luther king, we live and learn to stay together as brothers cordite together as fools. >> [reading names] >> hello neighbor. i am here to talk about the fifth amendment. the fifth amendment says congress may not deprive persons of life, liberty and property with out due process of law. we the people have suffered from 77 unconstitutional orders of congressional choice against cia enemies for fascists gains since world war two, a last lawful war -- 66 years. as a result, we have squandered our resources and killed our neighbors and later sells the most hated people on earth. congressman, you did not vote against the law that authorized the united states use the armed forces of the united states as he determines to be necessary. that gives the president the right to use guns at will. these need to be stopped. >> thank you. [applause] >> good evening, congressman. can you hear me ok? i am a retired law enforcement and the critical instant negotiator for number of years. i have a lot of opinions on this issue but what i came t
to double down, he's going to have two bibles, one from abraham lincoln and martin luther king. >> well done, but as i said in god we trust, one nation under god out of our constitution, and get rid of it altogether and if you believe what these activists believe, that is that this is bad for our country. but you know, with the president doing the two bibles, mike, i think it's a wonderful thing he's doing it, but if you take the bibles and rip the pages out of them and that's what we're doing in our culture, we still believe in the bible, but nothing that's said within it. it's like a tabernacle with no eucharist, like a church without pews. worship without any liturgy whatsoever and that's what we're doing, we're emptying all of these good things of their meaning and when we do, when we empty them, that topples and-- >> and when you remove god from the equation, again the church is, i mean, rather the state is the final north on everything. there's no appeal beyond the government. and that's what some people want. >> and our founders of our country and the great tradition of the united sta
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11

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